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Clock Restoration and Conservation

I specialise in the restoration, conservation and repair of fine antique clocks.
All of my work is carried out with a sympathetic approach utilising traditional hand skills and keeping the clock as originally intended.
If parts are missing or required I will make them in the manner and style of the original maker.
I am happy to provide this service for a wide range of clocks, such as Longcase Clocks (Grandfather Clocks), Table Clocks (Bracket Clocks), Precision Regulators, Dial Clocks (School and Railway Wall Clocks), Lantern Clocks, Tavern Clocks (Act of Parliament Clocks), Skeleton Clocks and Mantle Clocks. I have 40 years experience and a vast Horological library to assist me in my restoration and research. I have had the pleasure of working on some of the finest examples by the likes of Tompion, Fromanteel, Knibb, Graham, Quare, Windmills, Vulliamy, Dent, Frodsham, McCabe, Ellicott, to name but a few.
I am always happy to make house calls to advise and discuss various actions of restoration, conservation or repair and give an estimate of cost. All work is fully guaranteed. As well as repairing individual clocks for private clients I also maintain clocks for museums and collectors and I have travelled to Europe and America to repair and setup clocks for clients and dealers. Robert Wren F .B.H.I.